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Electronic records management

Electronic records management (ERM) helps you with the administration of important documents and arrangements, as well as agreements, invoices and personnel files.

An important document or record shall be stored for a longer period of time pursuant to the regulations, but not all records do have the same life cycle. 

What does Electronic Records Management provide?
Electronic records management automates the standard procedures and agreements which are valid for these specific documents. 

Advantages of File Management
These are the advantages of file management:

•    Automated control on completeness of files
•    Stipulation of duration of file storage
•    Proof of destruction of the files
•    Guarantee of authenticity of files
•    Protection against legal risks

Do you know, which documents you have to store and which ones not? Do you know, how long you have to save specific documents and what obligations you have to fulfil as well? 

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