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You can administer your document management system (DMS) by means of the correct “Ways of Working”

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Document management

Every company deals with lots of documents, also many documents received by mail, data transfer or post. 

The employees copy, edit, search, archive and distribute these documents and objects.
How do you make sure, that you have overview and structure?

Document manager
TDAS Agency helps you to keep your flood of documents clearly arranged. It starts with getting an overview of your needs. The document manager therefore has to:

•    negotiate with suppliers/clients 
•    set up a system from the scouting-phase to the as built-phase 
•    build and start workflows 
•    write process- and documentation instructions

Document Management System
Thereupon your document management system (DMS) will be installed according to your wishes. DMS helps you to structure your documents streams. Your documents are clearly saved and whenever you need it, you have the latest version on hand.

We ensure, that your document management system works well and according to the agreed procedure.
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