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About TDAS Agency

TDAS Agency is an international service provider in the branch of document management. TDAS Agency was founded on 1 May 2009 by Mr. Tolga Savran.

We deliver quality due to our pragmatic approach and high requirements, which we place on the quality of our business.
Our specific values are: 

·         Personal approach
·         Open communication
·         Precision
·         Goal-oriented approach

Document Management System
Our highest priority is being given to the quality of documents. The documents must stay legible and the format of the documents must remain editable. Within the last years TDAS Agency has realized different smaller and bigger projects successfully. We can offer experiences in different fields of work. 

Individual Approach
Every project requires an individual approach. We are a service-orientated company and so we stand for our work. Our document manager can be deployed anywhere, whether it may be document management, archiving, project control or quality control. 

Document Manager
We are working with rapid responses, that is why we are very flexible. We regularly participate in trainings to stay informed. Our emphasis is on quality! Our document manager will work with you closely.

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